Vision & Mission


1)  Vision:

We at Wisdom Public School envisage quality education within a dynamic & interactive environment, focusing on the holistic development of young minds through experiential learning, skill development and engagement in community, with focus on development of key domains of knowledge, skills and attitude by creating a learner centric environment.

2)   Mission :

Our mission is to make every child a gift of God to mankind and a pride of the human race. At W.P.S the children are trained to achieve excellence in every field. They are imparted value based education.

3)   Objectives :

The main objective of the institution is “To make every child confident, disciplined and smart” and to do this we believe in

i)        To make them successful in their efforts to become a light house to the society.

ii)       To prepare students for satisfying future and unleashing the latent forces of creativity in each of them.

iii)     To inculcate the moral values among students with latest education.

iv)     To discover a way of teaching, learning without under –dependence on reward, punishment or comparison.

v)      To provide the students highly motivating, encouraging and nurturing environment.

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