Absence Rules

  1. No absentee should enter the class without the written permission of the principal or the vice principal. In case of sickness or any other unavoidable circumstances, the Principal /Class Teacher must be informed in writing in time along with a Medical Certificate.

  3. A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a doctor’s certificate permitting him/her to rejoin class.

  5. A student absenting himself/herself from school for one week in succession without permission will be marked ‘LEFT’. He / she will not be re-admitted as a matter of course. If there is to be re-admitted he/she will have to pay a Re-admission fee.

  7. For leave of absence for one or two days, it is sufficient to apply through pages allotted in the school diary. For leave of absence for more than 2 days, a leave letter must be send through the student to obtain prior permission from the principal / head mistress. Leave application must always be addressed to the principal /Head Mistress.

  9. Absence of all kinds has to be explained by the parents or guardians by means of an entry in the space provided in the diary/almanac.

  11. Absence from school during test 1 examination will never be condoned except in case of illness. Application / Medical Certificate for leave on examination day for the pupils should be personally submitted to the principal by the parents on the same day. The school conducts no retest or re-examination.

  13. As a general rule not more than one day of leave absence will be granted for the wedding of a near relative or any social function. (Three days, when far from Aligarh District)
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