Discipline in Class & School Premises

1)         Keep your place clean and tidy in the classroom.

2)         Enter the class room and take the place immediately after the bell rings. Always enter and leave the class room only with the teacher’s permission.

3)         Always come to school with all necessary text books and writing materials and be duly

prepared for the lessons.

4)         Sit upright during the lessons, do not lean on elbow or slouch. Always listen attentively to the

teacher’s explanation and other Pupils’ answers and not to talk or let attention Astray.

5)         Stand up when teacher or H.mistress/Principal/Director enters or leaves the class room.

6)         Stand in attention while answering the teachers, sit down only with teacher’s permission, to raise your hand if you wishes to answer or ask questions.

7)        Obey the monitors and maintain discipline at all times.

8)         Avoid going to toilet during class hours except for very special reasons.

9)         Do not move about the premises or be in any other classroom that is not your own.

10)       Take accurate notes in assignment book or homework schedule for the next lesson and show these notes to your parents, do all home-work unaided.

11)       Students who expect to return home late from school must inform their parents in advance.

12)       You are not allowed to make phone calls except in an emergency; students are not allowed to receive visitors in school.

13)       While using the staircase or corridors, students must keep to the left. Always give side in passage to teachers and elders.

14) Celebration of birthday in school campus is not allowed.

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