1) Science/Composite Labs:

Students of classes VI – X perform experiments in the Science activity room where they learn science by the method of learning by doing. Each class comes to the science activity room every week as per regular study schedule, learning is further enhanced by Hands – On Activities related to everyday science. Students also get an opportunity to apply their innovative ideas and enjoy the unexplored vistas of science.

This activity lab is equipped to cater to 45 students at a time. The lab is well ventilated with a lot of natural light. Students of classes Xi & XII perform experiments in the individual Biology, Chemistry and Physics Labs.

2) Computer Laboratory:

Students use the Lab according to their study schedule. Each class is given a demo of the activity and then the students do it ‘hands on’ .Students of classes VI-VIII use the lab resources to learn to use different kinds of software to enhanced their knowledge and showcase their activities.

The 3 individual labs can seat 45 students and are well ventilated with a lot of natural light. The computer in the labs is placed in such a way that the teacher is able to see the progress of each child on their individual monitors. Students of classes IX –XII use a very Hi-Tech labs having full internet connectivity in 32 systems. A lab assistant and a lab attendant help the students, in addition to subject teachers while doing practical assignments in the lab.

3) Maths Lab:

Maths lab helps the students to visualize the problems and arrive at the right solution. 3D-modeling is used to enhance this ability. The identities are proved geometrically and derivations of formulae are arrived at by paper folding activities. Students also project based activities during the year. Classes VI-XII use the resources of the individual Maths Lab once a weak. Class of 45 students is seated in each lab. Students sit around hexagonal shaped desks. Each desk can accommodate 5-6 students at a time for group activity.

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