Morning Assembly

In Wisdom Public School the day begins with the morning assembly which is a chance for the students to connect with one another and begin the day with a feeling of direction and unity. The assembly is based on different themes provided in the planner. Each day students from different classes/Houses organize a set of interesting activities that includes News updates , Poems , Amazing facts, Thought of the day and Sanskrit Shlokas from sacred books which enable them to showcase their public presentation.

The entire program is managed by the students. The beauty of morning assembly is the set of Sanskrit Shlokas that purifies the whole environment and also provide students with an opportunity to get centered as well as reminds them of their higher purpose in life. It also facilitate moral and religious development of students. In assembly each and every student is given the opportunity to address the assembly so that they may develop public speaking skills. The important announcements are also made by the principal in the assembly.

1)      Special/Grand Assembly:

Special/Grand Assemblies are organized on the occasion of any festival or special day or any burning topic of the society etc. The special assemblies focus on the festival/day /topic (Religious / national or days like Earth day, Children’s day, Teachers day etc.) through different events related to the concerned festival / day /topic.

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