School Uniform



Each student is required to wear full school uniform on all working days and must appear neat and tidy daily. There are different uniforms for summers and winters respectively. House Uniform is specified for both boys and girls for both the weathers. Emphasis is given on neat and clean uniform and students are encouraged to remain presentable. Students as well as parents are advised to note down the following

important points :

1)         Clean handkerchief is compulsory for all the students.

2)         Shoes to be polished every day.

3)         Trimmed nails to be kept clean.

1 .Girls :          Short hair may be kept open with red hair band, but shoulder length or long hair should be plaited tied with red band and black rubber band.

2. Boys:           Sikh boys must wear red turban. The rest of the boys must keep their hair short and neatly combed.


House Uniform

All students in the school are divided into four houses. The dress code for all the Houses is White Nikker, Trousers, White Skirt & White Pajami according to their class with White Tennis Shoes and Socks along with a T-Shirt for all. However the T-shirts are different for all the Houses as given below :

A) BOSE House :                   GREEN T-shirt

B) KHURANA House :         RED T-Shirt

C) RAMAN House :               YELLOW T-Shirt

D) KALAM House :               BLUE T-Shirt

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